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02 March, 2012

Dare For It?

Readers readers readers~~ don't you wanna put this on your body? look what we had here~

In this three design.. we started with the black and white.. Did among of you wanna go to campus? here! I prepare it for who was wondering what best design to attract attention for the best fashion today at your campus? yes! you will be the choosen one because you got all the category.. masculine? cute? smart? handsome? okay~~ you win.. people cannot knock you down.. haha!! just kidding!

The striped inclined will make those who among of you a little bit skinny become more bigger.. and will make you more taller.. the red jacked? hah! you will need that! why? if you wear it, you will be chasing by the girls.. have it now!! =}


Cinta Misteri said...

btw, can u design sesuatu for my hubby, coz he not so thin heheh

Massitah Ayub said...

hye Cinta Misteri.. of course.. why not.. please look forwad my blog.. soon i will upload more design for you and all.. thank you!! ^^