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01 March, 2012

Here My Gift For You!

London bridge is falling down~~ falling down~~ laa~ la~~ laa~~ My friend Laura~~ (Sorry Laura I borrowed your name just for a sec) hehehe~~ I'm so so happy!! after all being surrounded with too many excuses  now I'll feel safe!! haha!! I've tried to keep my promise.. now I did! haha!! ha.... ha... ha.... that not funny isn't it? Okay okay.. I know I know.. I'm just late for a couple ..... of a month?! really? oh! I'm shocked...(act like a stranger was doing this in fact that is you Siti Massitah ~ ha ha~~ funny.. (T,T)).. 
               Okey this is a true fact.. this is not an excuses.. actually you guys didn't know what happening here.. so hard to say it~~ I didn't post any entry because~~~ since that flood all my sketches was sink cause there a big giant of!!!!!....   - - - - - - - - - ??? What? What did I say? Okay okay~~ my scan sketches was been formated an it disappear.. I had too scan back and now not all of my sketches in the lappy.. soon  I will revealed for you, my readers..  haha!!

Okay okay.. stop making joke for awhile.. let's become more or a little bit like a professional.. So! this is my new sketch that I would like to ask some request  of your opinion.. Or here the design that will blow up your inspire to be more rational and more daring when choosing a new style to make the world look at you.. don't cha' think so? So this three combination was combined by a season.. from your left was a spring, centre: autumn, and winter! the colour for autumn was just like a spring.. cheerful! I just advise all my readers to be more brave played with bright colour as long it suitable with your skin colour and your body size.. Okay?! GOOD!! 
Make sure your hair style play a role too~~ so it match with many variation style.. so let's take move on the other sketch..

                         Okay!! this second sketch I wouldn't say more about what weather or season you had to wear.. just about the style! You get that? Yes you are! How daring you are to show yourself, to bring yourself or to know yourself in this world... or in this era.. bring your style! you're surely did make people surround you feel you HOT!! try readers!! Yeay!!! GOOD  LUCK!! =}

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