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Secret Of Design Introduction

Hye Guys! Okey.. Now Siti will let you guys know a little bit, about what is Secrets Of Design.. Okay.. Actually this blog has been too long in here.. But not too long I guessed.. But Siti just remove all the older post because suddenly Siti got an idea to give a new breath to this blog.. First of all, Siti didn't know what the benefit that Siti can get if I had a blog but just for nothing.. So, Siti take an action to make it as a something that people can make it as they reference or can get an idea in here.. Someday or somehow.. We didn't know.. right?

Okey okey.. Talk too much didn't bring any beneficial for you and me.. Haha!! Sorry~ So Siti let you guys know that this blog I've created to all of you to share your idea or comment about mine or the latest man fashion.. Siti want to collect all the idea to increase again my fashion design of menswear and vice versa. Totally Siti didn't interested more to design fashion womenswear.. (It's not because i'm a type that love to wear a menswear okay!! Don't set your mind like that okay.. haha!! Just kidding. =}) because for me there is too many of absurd or not absurd had been created by the designer outside there.. So let's challenge all the probability popularity of menswear fashion design is just like a womenswear fashion design is true!! COME!! LET'S DO THIS!!

Owhya!! Almost forgotten.. If you guys want Siti to help design anything for you all..  Just ask me.. Siti will help you transform into more HOTT!! YEAY!! =}