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28 June, 2012

Just A Little Tips To Share~ ^^

Hye all my readers~ ^^ It's quite a long time since I didn't post any latest entry for my readers~ HuHuHu~ I'm so sorry because ya for sure, making any new ideas and sketching take a long time for us to think & create another more new style in this era.. Why? because you have to think & create something that can suitable for every generation to wear it... The design should include how suitable the combination of color, pattern and etc.. And...


Good ~ ^^ Here some advice from me to all of you about----->


I think I should share the tips since not all of you know what is the main features we should care about when we want to buy or choose the outfit for some event.. After this I will share more tips and knowledge that I know to you guy's understand what kind of fashion, design, color and pattern that you should wear and not to wear. Owh! Owh! This tips useful for men and women too~ But I will put more sample of outfit is menswear okay~ ^^


Dark Skin
 -           If you had this skin type, please choose bright or soft color.. (WHAT?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! NO WAY!! ) hey hey~~ chill chill~ TRUST ME! Just be confident with yourself! How does it work? Okay.. That's what we call reflection of image or magic! ^^ Haha! If you choose bright or soft color, the reflection will happen to your skin and make your skin more fair.. But I partially suggest to all of you to choose pastel color as the beginning before you can go to another daring step! Hewhewhewhew~~ (Evil laugh! hehee~ ^^) Just kidding~ ^,~

Example For Pastel Color

Example For Bright Color~ =}

-            Do not! do not choose dark color... ooowww yaaa... Ya I know I know.. Black is your favorite color, yeah dark blue too... & etc.. but hey! Do you want people laugh or talking about how disaster the way you dress up? Okay I should apologize to all of you because the words I use was a bit rough.. But this is how I should become more firm to you! Why?! Because I do HATE people who laugh to others just because they didn't dress up followed the proper features! and they don't act as somebody that concerned and talk nicely about what just not right the way they dress up.. Daa~~ Hihi ^^

This Color Not Suitable For You Honey~ ={

Fair Skin
-            For this skin type you a lil bit free to choose any color from which tone color.. BUTTT~ you still have but while you want to choose a really really proper color.. Just make sure when you choose any color from which tone, you don't make a mistake like choosing gloomy cool color cause it might make your skin more pale. So watch it! ^^

This Is How The Gloomy Color Look A Like~


Slender & Tall
-            For those who had this type just like mine~ (ehemm ehem~ Such an embarrassing confession! huhu~ >,<) You should wear a bright colored, large and horizontal pattern.. For the top, make sure your outfit is long sleeve, if you were wearing pants or something else, the top should more shorter to get more short image.. The longest was under the hips.

Example For The Top

 For the bottom, covered your leg with bottom cut, straight cut denim or slack, wear fabrics that a little hard, thick and not attached to the body. It will give you big image for those who afraid to be looked skinny.. Won't you? ^^

Wow!! This Color So Cool! Two Thumbs Up! =}

-            Okay! DO NOT!! I FORBID YOU TO WEAR DARK TONE COLOR! It's so uncool you know! (Nooo~~ I wont wore that color~ people may laught at me~ I dont want to~) So then you wanna take other step since you didn't have self confident then you wear dark color.. Won't you? Yeah I know some people say dark color like black, dark brown, dark blue & etc looking more sophisticated.. Yes I know I know~ butttt... You still can style it as your accessories color.. Not your outfit honey! When you do so, it will give you more skinny image and just make you look like a pole? Then don't ask me why people laugh at you okay! I already told you.. UNDERSTAND? Hohohoho!! I just look like an evil force people to follow my order~ Hihi!! JUST JOKING! ^^

How Skinny You Will Look Honey~ Ouch! >,<

Stout & Short
-             I'm soo soorrry because it was just like a bit rough and rude saying like that.. I'm afraid to say another similarities word while I'm not too fluent in English yet.. soo sorry.. But just skip look to it and ignore... For those who had this body type I advice you guy's to wear dark color.... Ha! I can read your mind! Hehe~ >,<  (What should we do if we were in this type and we had a dark skin? We cannot use a dark color~) Good~ Good question.. Unfortunately, You still can use it! muahahahha!! (Oww Massitah please stop that bad joke! Not funny okay~~ --_--) ...

Here some guide.. When you wanna choose your outfit, please make sure your outfit have vertically or small fragmented pattern in dark color and bright color for the background. The outfit should a little attached on the body so you will look more slender and tall.. Get it? good~ This will help you to solve your skin/body type problem.. Simple & Easy don cha' think so?! ^^
This Is What I Try To Describe~ Here You Go~ =}

Whoa~~ So Attached To The Body~ You Will Look More Slender & Robust! =} 

Wow!! You Will Look Amazing Wearing This Outfit! 

It Will Give You Slender Leg Image~ =}

-             DO NOT! wear horizontal, big fragmented pattern and bright color! You still can use bright color but still have a proper way.. When or which part on accessories & outfit will let you have that color.. Don't use shorter top or bottom.. It might look you more shorter.. So, don't take any risk honey~ ^^

I'm Not Suggest You Guy's To Wear Like This~ ={

So!! Only this for today.. I hope my tips will be useful for you all my readers.. Just give me your feed back if you didn't understand or have any question.. I will help you if God willing~ ^^We may continue soon, when i'm not busy again... Since i'm going to further study and quite busy packing & preparing everything before my journey begin this Monday.. I'm so excited! >,<.. Please pray for me everything gonna be okay! See Ya! ^^

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