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02 March, 2012

Put Your Hands Up!!

Okayy!! looks like  you had to admit it that you know what you should wear for your next party or hang out with friends!! yes! I know you know what I mean.. You will impress them toward you.. why not? look what you just wearing now... people will envy.. just try and look what they respond.. you will love it.. Here I explain to all of you my readers..

 For first design I make it just simple but casual.. ya~ should not be so crowded.. you will feel uncomfortable and not free to moved.. wanna hang out wiv ya family? friends? after through hard day to release your tension.. here just wear this one and you will get your mood back.. try!! you will love it!

Aha!! this design just nice and suitable to wear for your next date or dinner.. it will help you to hold your love and guts to shout loud your voice heart.. Your partner will thought that they were most lucky girl had you.. So smart!! haha!!  beside you become more unique you will be the topper among of your friends.. trust me! girls will love you.. GOOD LUCK!!

P/S : Actually I was talking and giving you my opinion as a girl not as a somebody.. that love to see what kind of appearance that we love to see man wear it.. just trust me.. this is the most favourite dress girl love to see man wear it..


Laura said...

I love the three in the bottom picture! So cool!

Cinta Misteri said...

Nice laaa

Massitah Ayub said...

Laura - hye Laura.. thank you.. glad you like it.. ^^

Cinta Misteri - thank you kak.. any comment? I glad to hear it.. dont mind at all..^^